Quest Instructions

OK! Get ready to have some fun. Follow these steps to launch your Uplift Families Quest:

  1. Download the GOOSECHASE app on your smart devise
  2. Search for Uplift Families  or enter game code 5WW9L8
  3. Create team name and join game
  4. Follow the directions
  5. Have fun playing the game

Earn 12,000 points or more and your team name will be entered in a drawing for the Zermatt Resort Weekend Getaway Grand Prize. 

The drawing will take place during the Fresh Living segment on KUTV Channel 2 on Thursday, October 7, 2021.  After the drawing, the winning team name will be contacted through the goosechase app and given directions on how to claim the prize. 

All parents who play will win an online prize that benefits their family.  All prize notifications will also come through the Goosechase app.


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Search for 'Uplift Families Quest' or Code '5WW9L8'

Please check your e-mail for a link to activate your account.