UPLIFT FAMILIES is my initiative to connect parents with information, resources and programs that help them acquire knowledge and skills to raise loving, responsible, and happy children.

We believe that strong parent-child relationships are the key to providing children with tools and encouragement to make healthy and safe choices in their lives, keeping them free from drugs, alcohol, violence, crime and pornography.   This UPLIFT FAMILIES program includes web-based resources, social media experiences, educational materials and periodic conferences on parenting and family issues.

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Jeanette Herbert
First Lady of Utah




Do You Have to Yell to Get Your Kids to Listen? by Dr. Paul Jenkins

POSTED BY on October 15, 2018

I had a client ask me one day, “Dr. Paul, why do my kids wait until the twelfth time I’ve asked them and I’m upset and angry before they’ll do something?”  The answer was the kids have trained dad to yell before they respond AND dad has trained the kids to ignore him until the twelfth time he asks and resorts to yelling. Notice, it goes both directions. This is important as we manage the dynamic of how to encourage our kids to listen to us without yelling.

Respect by Matt Townsend

POSTED BY on September 17, 2018

1. Build Respect by Being Respectful Who we are and how we act always speaks louder than almost anything we say, so the best way to build respect with our kids is to be respectful in the most difficult times of our lives. So when your child shows disrespect to you by name-calling, ignoring you, or dismissing what you say, your chance to grow respect is at hand. Instead of reacting by treating your child with the same disrespect they showed you, do the opposite. Instead of ignoring them, engage them. Instead of demeaning them verbally, lift them and stay positive. Instead of getting angry and showing it, find some peace to model. Your actions will always be their best teachers and your peace of mind will be the benefits of all of your hard work. In the end, by being respectful in the difficult times, you earn a moral authority, which, over time will create more trust than anything else you could ever say.

Destination Happiness by Damian Rodriguez

POSTED BY on August 08, 2018

As I rolled our car into the garage on Sunday, officially marking the culmination of our 9-day and 2,000-mile “vacation,” I sighed deeply. Not out of sorrow that the trip which took a year of planning (and saving) was over, but out of relief. As we quickly unloaded the car and prepared the kids for bed, my wife and I chatted back and forth about the misnomer that is the term “family vacation.” There is no relaxing on a vacation with a five- and two-year-old; our annual week-long expedition to California will forevermore be referred to as “the trip.”






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