UPLIFT FAMILIES is our initiative to connect parents with information, resources and programs that help them acquire knowledge and skills to raise loving, responsible, and happy children.

We believe that strong parent-child relationships are the key to providing children with tools and encouragement to make healthy and safe choices in their lives, keeping them free from drugs, alcohol, violence, crime and pornography.   This UPLIFT FAMILIES program includes web-based resources, social media experiences, educational materials and periodic conferences on parenting and family issues.

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Jeanette Herbert
Uplift Families Founder
Former First Lady of Utah




Jennie Taylor is the wife and Gold Star Widow of Utah Army National Guard Maj. Brent Taylor, who was killed in action in Afghanistan in November of 2018 while on a leave of absence from his position as Mayor of North Ogden City, Utah. Jennie Taylor joins Fresh Living to tell us more about her story and how she has helped her children cope with grief.


A Lesson in Parenting: 3 Things Parents Should Tell Their Children Every Day by Dr. Paula Fellingham

POSTED BY on September 01, 2021

Do you remember holding an infant for the first time? Were you struck, almost immediately, with an acute awareness of the infant’s helplessness? As a mother, I remember feeling incredibly humbled, and a little overwhelmed, by my new responsibility for the life of another human being. Although normal, for some of us those feelings don’t diminish with time and experience.

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The Best Time to Plant a Tree and Other Ideas to Build a Lifetime of Connection by Susannah Burt

POSTED BY on August 18, 2021

This past weekend I visited with a friend who asked “How do I prepare myself for parenting a teenager? What can I do to make it the best outcome possible?” She was asking me because I have two adult children and a current teenager. I looked at her and said “Start now.”

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Get Cooking Together, as a Family By Meagan Waite

POSTED BY on August 03, 2021

A friend recently shared with me a memory he held dear to his heart and wanted to recreate–cooking breakfast with his daughter. And recreate it he did! And while the experience did not go exactly like it did when she was eight (she’s now 16), together they created a new memory–and it’s a good one.

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