UPLIFT FAMILIES is my initiative to connect parents with information, resources and programs that help them acquire knowledge and skills to raise loving, responsible, and happy children.

We believe that strong parent-child relationships are the key to providing children with tools and encouragement to make healthy and safe choices in their lives, keeping them free from drugs, alcohol, violence, crime and pornography.   This UPLIFT FAMILIES program includes web-based resources, social media experiences, educational materials and periodic conferences on parenting and family issues.

Please enjoy our new website and resource center!  We are always eager to hear your comments and feedback, you can always share your thoughts with us by clicking here.


Jeanette Herbert
First Lady of Utah




(KUTV) — Heather Lewis from Uplift Families joins KUTV's Fresh Living to talk about getting involved in a coalition. Hear both the risk factors and positive outcomes in this segment!


Resolutions that Matter: Improving Connections at Home By Heidi Dutson

POSTED BY on January 05, 2021

A new year seems to be a natural time for thoughtful reflection on the past that often leads to motivating resolve to do better and be better.  While immediate focus might be drawn to reducing our waistlines, boosting our budgets, or clearing out clutter, a thoughtful reflection and resolve to buoy up our parenting practices might just be the most rewarding decision you could make for 2021.

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Family Commitment & Unconditional Love by Paula Fellingham

POSTED BY on November 16, 2020

Are we trying our hardest to give our children unconditional love?   “I had no idea she would be there." My apologies for her absence had been well-rehearsed. When my high school home economics teacher announced that we would be having a formal mother-daughter tea, I felt certain I would not be serving my mother at this special event.

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Getting Involved in Prevention Coalitions by Heather Lewis

POSTED BY on October 08, 2020

A coalition is formed when a group of people from diverse backgrounds unite and work toward achieving a common goal.  Usually these people have a personal investment or reason for being a part of the coalition, which creates greater passion and excitement to see that the goal or goals are achieved. These groups can be varied and diverse, and each member brings their own special skills, talents and enthusiasm which enriches the entire experience.

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