UPLIFT FAMILIES is my initiative to connect parents with information, resources and programs that help them acquire knowledge and skills to raise loving, responsible, and happy children.

We believe that strong parent-child relationships are the key to providing children with tools and encouragement to make healthy and safe choices in their lives, keeping them free from drugs, alcohol, violence, crime and pornography.   This UPLIFT FAMILIES program includes web-based resources, social media experiences, educational materials and periodic conferences on parenting and family issues.

Please enjoy our new website and resource center!  We are always eager to hear your comments and feedback, you can always share your thoughts with us by clicking here.


Jeanette Herbert
First Lady of Utah




We are very excited to be collaborating with KUTV and My Discovery Destination! to serve as the 'family experience' leg of our efforts and provide this fun, unique program. The SUMMER PASSPORT PROGRAM is a collection of flexible, ready-to-play adventures that serve all types of families. It is 100% FREE for all families. It provides over 100 family Adventures to keep kids' bodies active and minds engaged throughout the summer, helping them avoid the summer slide.


Re-establishing Connections After a Year of Social Distancing by Meagan Waite

POSTED BY on June 13, 2021

The year 2020 was hard on all of us in so many different ways. Some of those effects are not as noticeable as others. We have all suffered, possibly more than we realize, from the “social distancing” requirements of COVID19. We human creatures thrive on interaction, and when it wanes, we suffer.

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Shifting Gears From Survival to Resilience
by Nichole Cunha

POSTED BY on May 20, 2021

Utah’s children, youth and families are adapting to an ever-changing landscape. Now, the school year is drawing to a close; the end of the pandemic is in sight. This transitional time offers opportunities for connection and growth as we shift from survival to resilience.

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Positive Parenting During a Pandemic
by Dr. Paul Jenkins

POSTED BY on March 09, 2021

I hear from a lot of moms and dads who watch Live On Purpose TV on YouTube about the problems they are experiencing with their children during the pandemic. How do I get my child to do their schoolwork? How do I help them stop arguing and get along better? How do I get my kids to listen without yelling? I noticed that the questions aren't much different than what was being asked before March 2020 when we went into lockdown, but then we added the pandemic into the equation.You see, these problems have always existed in parenting. Not every parent has all the problems, but every parent has some problems.

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