Free Resources For Family Fun

POSTED BY on June 01, 2023

As the saying goes, families that play together stay together! Spending quality time together as family is a fun and effective way of strengthening relationships, promoting positive youth development. Positive youth development is all of the skills and traits needed to help youth become healthy, caring competent and contributing members of society. 

The Hidden Gem Adventure Guides are FREE resources for family fun!

If you’re looking for new ideas and ways to play together with your family, The Hidden Gem Adventure Guides are FREE resources for family fun! The goal of these FREE downloadable guides is to strengthen family connections with free/inexpensive fun while focusing on some aspect of positive youth development. The guides feature activities you can do at home, out and about at specific destinations in Utah, or on the go (park, neighborhood walk, road trips, etc.), and can be adapted to a variety of ages as well as work for different family dynamics. With almost 40 guides there is sure to be something that your family will enjoy doing together, and more guides are being added regularly!

In addition to learning certain skills, perhaps more importantly the guides focus on family connections. This is important because research has shown that children who spend time with their family have fewer behavioral problems, fewer substance abuse and delinquency issues and better academic outcomes as well as feeling happier and more fulfilled  

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Naomi Brower is an Extension professor for Utah State University who specializes in helping others to improve the quality of their lives through creating and strengthening their relationships. She earned her master’s degree in family and human development from Utah State University and is a certified family life educator. She is the creator of the Hidden Gem Adventure Guides.


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