Honoring Parents, Students and Education Heroes By Resilient Utah

POSTED BY on June 08, 2020

Now that this unconventional school year has come to an end, we look back and pay tribute to the outstanding examples of resiliency from Utah’s parents, students, and education heroes. 

We recognize those parents, who basically became teachers, supervising their kids during online education and social distancing.  Especially during the recent months, students everywhere have had to adapt, stretch their capacity and increase their resilience.

Adjusting to a new way of learning has been a challenge.  Dealing with the loss of monumental year-end events and rites of passage has been a sacrifice.  Learning to accept a new reality has been a growing experience.  Both parents and students have risen above challenging circumstances.  They have embraced acceptance, shown dedication, and adjusted their perspective.  We’ve cheered them on as they rounded the bend in the final sprint of the school year.  As they crossed their own finish lines, we found that everyone was a victor.  Parents and students alike showed they could overcome and carry on.  The Class of 2020 was honored with virtual celebrations, outdoor events and parades, as they experienced their altered and unique rites of passage during an unprecedented time in our world’s history. 


Here is a special dedication to them.        

This Is Your Time

By Steve James


You’re not forgotten
We see you shine
We feel your power
This is your time
The world awaits you
With open arms
Embrace the future
Reach for the stars
We hear your voices
Calling from home
Our hearts are with you
You’re not alone
Though things are different
Your moment changed
Out of the distance
New memories made
You are resilient
You rise above
Made even stronger
Lifted by love
Now you’ve created
Your own design
Building tomorrow
This is your time


In conclusion, we honor school administration, teachers, counselors and all education workers, who have braved the storm and modeled strength, flexibility and resiliency for their students.  Christen Richards-Khong from Jordan School District Offices recently shared some of her thoughts about the resilience of Utah’s educators. “In the last few months, educators have been asked to forge new paths in a changing landscape of instruction. They demonstrated that despite the change that had been thrust upon them, they would continue on, they would keep at it, they would keep trying until they figured it out.  One of the greatest lessons students will take with them this year will be the examples of resilience that their teachers set for them.” 

Please watch a special Tribute Video In Honor of Our Education Heroes with a special message from Governor Gary R. Herbert.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cZK9Eo4zSM0

Have a wonderful summer.  Stay safe and be resilient!   

-The Resilient Utah Team     www.ResilientUtah.org


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