Christmas Is What We Make It by Margaret Wahlstrom

POSTED BY on December 09, 2021

All traditions have a story behind them of why they are important to each individual. Traditions create joy and anchor families. As you make your holiday traditions, you will also be writing your own story of Christmas and how you make the holiday season personal and an important part of your life. 

Ways to make Christmas meaningful with traditions 

Here are some ideas that will bring meaning to this time of year. 

  • Have a countdown to Christmas tradition or start one. Ever since the song, “The Twelve Days of Christmas” was first sung, people have created new and fun ways to count down to December 25th. 
  • You can string candy together and cut one off each day 
  • Fill an advent Calendar with tiny toys or notes 
  • Call someone new each day to cheer them up 
  • Keep 25 special ornaments aside and hang one each day 
  • My favorite countdown to Christmas involves creating a Countdown Calendar or Service Calendar. Each day you do something different to celebrate those things that make this time of year meaningful to you. Here are some ideas for a daily calendar: 
    1. Decorate your tree 
    2. Donate unused toys and warm clothes 
    3. Volunteer at a senior citizen home/homeless shelter 
    4. Go Christmas caroling 
    5. Do holiday shopping 
    6. Enjoy a winter activity 
    7. Binge watch Christmas movies 
    8. Wear your Christmas sweater 
    9. Hand out compliment cards 
    10. Donate to food pantry 
    11. Make thank you cards for your mailman and other service providers 
    12. Candy cane bomb a parking lot 
    13. Take supplies to a woman’s shelter 
    14. Put change in the Salvation Army bucket 
    15. Send a hug in the mail 
    16. Pick up litter 
    17. Do yard work for a neighbor 
    18. Feed the birds 
    19. Smile at everyone you see 
    20. Thank your sanitation worker with a yard sign 
    21. Sing Christmas carols 
    22. Take a family photo 
    23. Invite a lonely friend or neighbor to dinner 
    24. Celebrate Sinterklaas December 5th 
    25. Make Christmas cookies to deliver to lonely people or have a cookie exchange with your neighbor


  • Send cards and letters to reconnect with people 
  • Do “elf on a shelf” tradition 
  • Share a talent on the street or in a hospital or assisted living center 
  • Honor a loved one or someone who has passed away 
  • Celebrate other Christmas customs from around the world 
  • Make a gingerbread house 
  • Get matching pajamas for the family 
  • Read a Christmas story together out loud with friends or family 
  • Write your own Christmas story 
  • Make a special family recipe 
  • Have a game night 
  • Put on a Christmas play 
  • Make a Christmas journal and include favorite Christmas memories 
  • Have a Christmas treasure hunt for children 
  • Open a special or unusual gift on Christmas Eve 
  • Celebrate your own religious traditions 

Have a memorable, meaningful Christmas with family traditions! 



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