Adult Behaviors Judged by Young People - By Abbie Vianes

POSTED BY on February 07, 2015


Lorna Franke, in POWER Parenting, created a chart

Posititve Negative
From most to least From most to least
1. Calm, pleasant voice tone 1. Overt Displays of anger
2. Offers to help 2. Accusing/blaming statements
3. Joking 3. Shouting
4. Compliments on their performance 4. Giving no opportunity to speak
5. Fairness 5. Mean, insulting remarks
6. Explaining why, how, or what 6. Unpleasant physical contact
7. Concern 7. Lack of fairness
8. Enthusiasm  8. Bossy, demanding
9. Politeness 9. Unpleasant
10. Getting right to the point 10. Unfriendly
11. Giving specific examples 11. Talking only about mistakes
12. Eye Contact  12. No eye contact


Better relationships with our children and teens will be created by staying on the positive side of the chart.

Abbie Vianes, MPC, BCC


Abbie Vianes


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