2022 Parenting TIPS Show Resources







Speaker Notes

Christian Moore

  • Parenting is a great opportunity to teach resilience to our children.
  • We can use life’s challenges to become stronger and improve ourselves.
  • Use my challenges to improve ourselves.
  • 40-60 thousand negative emotions during the day some positive, some negative.
  • Create a productive outcome with our negative emotions is just as important as maximizing our positive emotions.
  • Twice the fuel source to bounce back if you can maximize both positive and negative emotions.
  • Humans bond through authenticity.
  • Teach our kids that success is in resilience and the ability to bounce back.




Sarah Kimmel

Parental Controls need to exist on multiple layers to keep our kids safe online.

  • First Layer - In-app Parental Controls.
    • Many apps include built in parent controls that you can
  • Second Layer - On Device Parent Controls.
    • IOS (i-phones) and Android devices have built-in parental controls that you can set.
      • IOS – Under Family Sharing under Apple-iPhone Settings, then set up screen time.
      • Android – Google Family Link
    • Also set up parent controls through third party software that help monitor our kids online activity.
  • Third Layer – On Network (wireless network inside home or cellular network for phones or other devices)
    • Best place to put a content filter to help keep out inappropriate sites.
    • Content filtering and control time limits on devices.
    • Use Wi-Fi router that has parental controls built in.
    • Set up limits through parental control filters through cellular provider.




Brandy Vega

  • Teach our kids:
    • Life can be hard.
    • We can do hard things.
    • Getting through hard things makes us stronger.
    • Our challenges can make us better.
    • Look for the good and keep fighting.




Deanna Lambson

  • Some parents are concerned that children are feeling increased stress in school.
  • If we understand how the brain works, it can help bring positive emotions to our brain.
  • Tic Tac Toe Tool to help with stress (link)
    • Turn it off
    • Talk to a trusted adult
    • Turn to something active
  • 4 Ways to help with stress
    • Get Moving
    • Get Outside
    • Get Sleep
    • Get a Hug
  • Brain Bingo




Yeah Samake

  • Break chains of poverty through receiving education.
  • Family is the center of life.
  • Pass values of service, time together, spirituality to our children.
  • Allow children to experience life and live their fullest potential.
  • Raise children with empowerment and hope.
  • Remember our parents and those who have sacrificed for us.
  • Teach children to perpetuate universal values in their lives.




Mauli Bonner

  • Importance of teaching our children about different cultures and people.
  • How can we overcome challenge of bullying?
    • Teach our children about the beauty of the differences between them and other children.
    • Our children can be friends with those who are different.
  • We can teach children about our history and those who came before them.
  • We can teach our children what we would have them learn and draw strength from.