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Looking For Answers To Parenting Questions?

The 3-fold purpose of “Uplift Families” is to

  • 1. strengthen parent-child relationships
  • 2. provide tools and resources that improve parenting skills
  • 3. help children make safe and healthy choices


After one of our speeches, a mom and a grandma came up together and asked us a simple but profound question: “In this busy world, how do we remember to prioritize our family every day?”... Share

The holidays are just around the corner and we wish you and your family lots of joy and happiness! Mrs. Jeanette Herbert visits with KUTV's Fresh Living to talk about family traditions and how they... Share

We are so pleased to announce that Mrs. Jeanette Herbert, Uplift Families Founder and First Lady of Utah, received a Titan Award from the Sandy Chamber of Commerce! Mrs. Herbert received a Titan Award from... Share

I always knew I had a great dad; I was cognizant of that from an early age. My confidence in that knowledge grew as I got older, and my friends started making comments about it. So, I... Share

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