How to Support Your Children with Mental Illness

POSTED BY on March 17, 2023

A Message from Hope4Utah

The American Psychological Association estimates that 15 million young people in the United States are diagnosed with a mental health disorder. If your children are included in that statistic, you can support them by: 

  • Showing unconditional love 
  • Become educated on the mental illness and any warning signs that accompany it 
  • Give praise for their good character traits 
  • Communicate and spend time together 
  • Build trust and help them feel safe 
  • Be a good example by modeling positive coping skills and good self-care habits —Remember, you need to take care of your needs so that you are able to effectively take care of your children’s needs 
  • Be proactive about turning to professional help, if needed —If you don’t know whether your children need extra help, watch for these signs that they may need help.
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