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2016 Parenting Conference Videos


First Lady of Utah Jeanette Herbert: 2016 Welcome Address


Deanna Lambson - Taming the Technology Monster: Protect and Empower Your Kids Online


Dr. Gregory A. Hudnall - Time to Talk About Suicide


Dr. Jackie Thompson - And How Are the Children? Peace and Safety Prevail


Dr. Paul Jenkins - Pathologically Positive Parenting: How to Fortify Against Depression and Anxiety


2015 Parenting Conference Videos


First Lady of Utah Jeanette Herbert: 2015 Welcome Address


Matt Townsend - Parenting Like a Gardner: Understanding the Needs of the Seeds


Lucy Delgadillo - Money Talks - A Family Conversation


Joshua Creek


Clay Olsen - What Kids Wish Parents Knew About Pornography


Carmen Rasmusen Herbert - Discovering the Who in You


Brad Barton - GOT GRIT? Building Resiliency in Kids



2014 Parenting Conference Videos


First Lady Jeanette Herbert: Uplift Families


Frank Layden: Parenting and All That Jazz 


Craig Povey: Recognizing S.A.D. Signs; and What to Do About It 


Julie Hanks: The Burnout Cure: Emotional Self-care Strategies for Moms 


Merilee Boyack: Training Children to Be Independent 


Judge Andrew A. Valdez: Parent Power...Who's in Charge?



2013 Parenting Conference Videos


Richard and Linda Eyre:  Fortify Families


Abbie Vianes:  Love and Logic Tips


Chad Lewis: Surround Yourself With Greatness


Stephanie Nielson:  How Families Strengthen with Time


Nicoleen Peck:  Teaching Self-Government- Calm, Effective Parenting 


Charles J. Machinski:  Money and its Effect on Marriage and Children


Polly Scott:  You Want Me to Explain What to My Child?


Carmen Rasmussen Herbert:  Musical Selections






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