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How to raise happy children, by Nicholeen Peck

Parents have always wondered the best way to raise happy children while also teaching correct principles, giving moral boundaries, and correcting behavior problems.  Parenting is the hardest thing any of us do.  It is also the most rewarding.  But, the rewards are often over shadowed with worry, stress, anger, frustration, sorrow and disconnection for relationships that have gone off track at home.

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Parents are the #1 influence in their children's lives, by Abbie Vianes MPC

Parents are the #1 influence in their children’s lives. Parents don’t always believe this – in a Parents Empowered survey, parents placed themselves last in the line-up of influences on their children – after friends, teachers and media.  But when the youth answered the same question, they placed their parents first – before family, friends, teachers, and activities/clubs.

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