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Looking For Answers To Parenting Questions?

The 3-fold purpose of “Uplift Families” is to

  • 1. strengthen parent-child relationships
  • 2. provide tools and resources that improve parenting skills
  • 3. help children make safe and healthy choices


Parents have many concerns for their teens; underage drinking, marijuana, e-cigarettes, opioid misuse, risky sexual behavior or teen pregnancy, Internet safety, depression, suicide, and the list could go on and on. It’s hard to stay... Share

I always knew I had a great dad; I was cognizant of that from an early age. My confidence in that knowledge grew as I got older, and my friends started making comments about it.... Share

At the end of July, we will be making our annual trek to California to visit family and (joy, rapture) Disneyland. You can probably guess how happy one with Asperger’s Syndrome is when dealing with the crowds,... Share

Viktor Frankl endured one of the most disturbing chapters in our history books. He then rewrote that chapter as one of the most influential books of our time, Man's Search for Meaning. Share

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